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The Pandemic & Food Insecurity

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

It's been over two years since the first Covid-19 alarm was raised! Yes! It has been a long time since we are living in an upside-down world! New variants are creeping into our communities, no matter where you live on Planet Earth! We are focused on regaining some equilibrium ...

How are we going to repair, rebuild and kickstart? Is the answer a simple one? Or are we going to be in the quicksand trying to fight our way out for a long time?

In our World over 900 million people in over 90 countries do not have enough food to eat daily.

Too many children go without food for extended periods of time, adversely affecting their development and long-term health. It's very disheartening, unjust, and inhuman.
Projections show well over 240 million people are in desperate need of some form of humanitarian aid. Pandemic, wars, famines, droughts, wildfires, floods and the harsh realities of climate change have had severe setbacks to wildlife, human living conditions and our ability to produce the very food which we need for our existence.

Countries are regrouping, rethinking, and restructuring in an effort to stop and hopefully reverse gear before mankind's steady march to dangerous climate change tipping points are realized.

Continents, countries, organizations, foundations, groups, lawmakers and all individuals must together pledge to make viable, sustainable changes and ignite a profound movement to prevent irreversible damage to our planet's natural systems.

The pandemic has put on full display the fragility and weak links of our less than robust food supply systems, reserves and our ability to produce to fulfill the human need worldwide

The time is now! Global Eden Farms is making haste! We are positioned to practice smart agriculture, reduce carbon footprints, educate our people and produce an abundance of organic vegetables as fast as we can go, in every country which we can work, so that we can do our part to reduce the major food insecurity internationally.

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