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Solar Greenhouses

Updated: May 26, 2022

Greenhouses are specialized enclosures where crops, vegetables, and flowers are provided the ideal environment, avoiding external, unpredictable, and adverse climatic conditions, to achieve optimum plant growth and production.

Greenhouse structures are typically covered with transparent materials in which environmental conditions are either partially controlled or fully controlled to obtain ideal growth and productivity of the plants or crops.

This technology uses various techniques to provide favorable controlled conditions within the Greenhouse, protecting the crop from wind, cold, precipitation, excessive radiation, extreme temperature, insects, pests, and diseases.

At Global Eden Farms our entire Greenhouse Farming Village is powered by our state-of-the-art Solar Plant. This 8 MWh plant provides all the energy we need to run our entire operations year-round and as such does not burden the National grid supply.

Benefits of Solar Greenhouses:

1. Cost Savings

Installing a Solar Greenhouse costs money of course, but our running costs are significantly reduced later. Solar energy powers our Greenhouses.

2. Ease Of Set Up

Installing Solar Greenhouses, while needing some expertise, especially because our Farm Village is a large one, is not overly complex. Our specialists are experts in their field and are imparting this knowledge to our local workforce.

3. Reliability

Solar Greenhouses can run smoothly for long periods of time, provided our setup and maintenance routine fully supports our systems. We are absolutely counting on the reliability of our Greenhouse throughout the year. Harnessing power from the sun greatly reduces our reliability on the local grid and gives us the autonomy to be a self-sufficient supplier of our own energy power.

4. Environment friendly

Solar Greenhouses greatly reduce our carbon footprint as the entire process is controlled and is geared to protect our environment. We practice smart farming in an optimum setting.

5. Yield

Our Greenhouse environment is controlled, regulated, using cutting edge technology, implementing the best of agricultural techniques and the most skilled expertise.

A conducive, flourishing environment within our Greenhouses, guarantee that our Produce is of the highest quality, free of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers

This ensures that wherever you are in the World you may soon be sharing in our premium produce!

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