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Creating Full Time Jobs

Updated: May 25, 2022

The current unemployment rate in Ghana is roughly 13.5%.

Unemployment defined, refers to the share of the labor force which is without work but available for and actively seeking employment. The current unemployment rate in Ghana is roughly 4.5%.

Global Eden Farms’ initiative to produce year-round, Superior quality Organic Vegetables for local and international supply, will boost the creation of new full-time jobs. It is a major initiative of our company to create and sustain skilled jobs all year round for both the youths and the general work force.

Our Greenhouse environment is controlled, regulated, using cutting edge technology, implementing the best of agricultural techniques and skilled expertise; hence, our major initiative will be to hire, train and impart the much-needed skillset to engage more of the local population and keep them employed.

Global Eden Farms in Phase 1 operations, occupies over 120 acres with large, well-staffed Greenhouses. We are continuously improving and expanding our capacity and Vision. This translates to more job creation, increased disposable income for the local communities and an overall improvement in standard of living.

During Phase 1, our production capacity is well over 15,000,000 Kg per year of Organic Tomatoes, Bell Peppers, and Cucumbers. Our Farms need to continuously hire and train more local labor as we expand. We shall ardently and proactively strive to reduce the unemployment rate in Ghana.

On a global front, we are harnessing the best and most experienced professionals in their field of agronomics, engineering, solar technology, greenhouse operations, quality control etc. to train our local staff. We expect outstanding results!

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1 Comment

Global Eden Farms
Global Eden Farms
Aug 13, 2022

Every single job matters. Sustainable Agri projects provide year round jobs. Jobs improve the quality of life of communities for the long run

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