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Who Pays The Highest Price For Climate Change?

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

Unfortunately, in communities that are already at risk, climate change is both creating new humanitarian crises and escalating those that already exist.

The experts caution that significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions (carbon dioxide, methane & nitrous oxide) from the use of fossil fuels, deforestation etc. are required to stop the rise in global temperature and its devastating effects.

Many of the extreme weather occurrences linked to global warming don't discriminate based on a country's GDP or affluence. This was demonstrated recently by fatal floods in Europe, record-breaking floods in China, and a confluence of hurricanes and extremely cold winter temperatures in the United States.

Nevertheless, nations with higher incomes typically have more resources to deal with the inevitable effects of climate change. Countries with low incomes don't.

Countries which are most at risk of Climate Crises: -

  • CHAD - Floods and Rising Military Conflict Impact the Entire Nation.

  • SOMALIA - Drought And Extreme Food Insecurity

  • SYRIA - Drought and Earthquake

  • YEMEN – Drought and Food Insecurity

  • DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO - Floods and Rising Food Insecurity.

  • AFGHANISTAN - Suffering from Drought and Flooding

  • SOUTH SUDAN - In late 2022, there were floods that affected over 900,000 people.

  • CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC - Cholera and Other Water-Borne Infections

  • NIGERIA – Flooding and Food Insecurity

  • ETHIOPIA - Drought

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